July 20, 2014

Music by Madlib for President’s skate video

Madlib, DJ and one of the most prolific and acclaimed hip hop producers of the past few years, has created a soundtrack for the latest lifestyle video of President’s and emphasises the mood of the exclusive collaboration with Italian skateboard brand Atypical.

The boards, coming in two models in a limited edition of five each, are available to buy online at sevenbell.com.

June 20, 2014

Interview with Guido Biondi on Selectism

Creative director President's Guido Biondi

“While the President’s brand is making themselves heard in 2014, its original concept is not all that new. Originally conceived in 1957 by Manifatture 7′ Bell’s Francesco Bacci, President’s, the menswear label, did not enter the market until Guido Biondi, Bacci’s grandson, took hold of the name to bring forth a modern take on Italian fashion that communicates the company’s commitment to manufacturing well beyond the boundaries of Europe. [...] In our latest Selectism Q&A we speak to Biondi on the conception of the modern President’s line.”

Read the full interview with President’s creative director, Guido Biondi, on Selectism.com.

April 8, 2014

Basic choices – crew neck sweater


The grey crew neck sweater with inspiration from the 50’s classic pieces is an absolute favourite in the Spring/Summer ’14 collection. It’s a basic garment and definite choice for anyone who appreciates simple design yet high quality material for an everyday look at ease.

You will be able to shop the Spring/Summer ’14 collection within short on sevenbell.com

The perfect trench


President’s loves to combine well-suited garments with technical aspects to create a modern yet classic look of high quality. The Pierce trench coat for SS14 embodies both these features with its impeccable design, thermore lining and 3 layered cotton technique. Horn buttons and a contrasting colour over the shoulders are the details completing this must-have piece.

President’s full Spring/Summer ’14 collection will be available to purchase on www.sevenbell.com

Jeans Jacket & Hawaiian Prints


It’s time to pick up the Spring looks! President’s styles the Wyatt Jeans Jacket in a light denim of Japanese selvedge with a washed sailor printed poplin shirt. The Hawaiian prints are back to add some movement in the Spring/Summer ’14 wardrobe, matching up with the 60’s Puerto Rican inspiration from which the whole collection draw inspiration. Denim as a never lost core material adds character to an easy yet dress up look.

The Spring/Summer ’14 collection will soon be available on www.sevenbell.com

April 7, 2014

Hugh Holland for the SS14 Campaign

President’s have chosen the photographer Hugh Holland and his photo “Hangin’ in Balboa” for the Spring/Summer ’14 campaign. The photo was shot in New Port in 1975 and in line with the inspiration of Puerto Rican prints and the limited edition of skateboards created by Atypical expressly for President’s, the photo is the final piece to complete the mood of the collection.

Each season, President’s picks an artist to represent the collection and through exhibitions, events or books, the brand supports the artist while building up its own private collection.

President’s Spring/Summer ’14 collection will within short be available on www.sevenbell.com


April 4, 2014

Limited edition by Atypical for President’s

For Spring/Summer ’14 President’s presents an exclusive collection of skateboards, created together with Italian brand Atypical. The skateboards draw inspiration from the 60’s & 70’s skate culture, a mood also reflected in the campaign image by Hugh Holland, and are handmade in Italy.

The limited edition of boards, each of them numbered from one to five, come in two models in a total of ten boards and will within short be available in selected stores and on www.sevenbell.com

November 19, 2013

President’s SS14 on Contemporary Standard

“Take a trip across Puerto Rico in the 60′s influenced by work wear. This is how we can sum up President’s SS2014 collection.
 One of the strongest collections we’ve seen so far, that draws the individual character of the brand”.

This is how Contemporary Standard, considered one of the 25 Best Men’s Blogs in recent times and the most representative showcase of Italian look and lifestyle, describes President’s SS2014 collection, after having visited the showroom and seen the pre-collection.

October 11, 2013

Horween Leather Boot

President's Horween leather boot

President’s inspiration sometimes comes from far away. In this particular case, the brand goes back in time to 1940 to delve into the life of the ancient American lumberjacks. The hand-finished Horween leather boot with a camouflage customized Vibram sole is the result of this thorough research and combines the most ancient tradition with the best of the modern techniques.

September 11, 2013

100% Italian Cashmere Coat


President’s Estate Coat is a classic and elegant garment made of 100% Italian cashmere, accompanied with real horn buttons with an anchor. This coat is suitable for even the most demanding customers who do not renounce to high quality of materials and fine details reserved for connoisseurs.